Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Remembering Odette

Loaded with suits and black socks, we headed back to Ann Arbor. Not such nice weather today, but traffic was light. The kids have convinced us to stay in Rochester overnight tonight, so we all have rooms reserved at the Spartan Inn. Odette would have loved it!

At the Memorial gathering this evening, we had a chance to see Odette's side of the family - Annette and Bruce along with their children Steve and Chris - Jackie, and "Baby" Annette. We have only seen them at weddings before. We all had some good memories to share.

Doug and Odette's family were all able to be welcoming and appreciative - I was very proud of them - Susan, David, and Roger were terrific hosts. Doug was a little overwhelmed at seeing all of his friends and acquaintances from so many years all in one place! We hadn't seen Kristen and Molly for ages, and it was pleasant to reconnect with them. Jackson, Fay and Lauren were just as delightful as always, and it was nice to have them there. Barb and Jim came from T.C. and Sharon and John from Lansing. It's always wonderful to have friendly faces around you in sad times.

Of course we were very glad to see our three kids arrive, and it was lovely to be together again, if only it hadn't been for such a sad reason. We had just seen the Steiger half of the family at GenFest, but it was wonderful to be able to give many hugs and messages of support. There were so many people to talk to, and the time passed quickly.

At eight o'clock, the five of us were ready for a late dinner. Roger suggested Kruse and Muer on Main Street, and we had a very nice late night dinner. It was a great suggestion. It was kind of a birthday dinner for Jana - today is her birthday.