Monday, September 24, 2007

Sweet Monday

The workout was as strenuous as always...we really needed iced tea at the end of it. Afterwards we went to the library to use the computers and the printer.

After lunch and a snooze at home, we went over to Saline to do some fun caching, except we didn't realize that the temp had zoomed up to 90, and it wasn't too conducive to active caching. We did mange to find two. The Rentschler Farm Museum one was the most fun - we looked and looked. We examined all of the old farm equipment in the shed, opened all of the containers we could find, and searched all of the rafters. Finally, a nice man, an ex-teacher who volunteers as handyman at the museum, came over to help us out. Without his help, I doubt we would have found it. But we had fun looking anyway! The Colony Park cache is very frustrating, and I think we'll be back over there maybe next week because now we just have to find it. We'll lay awake at night trying to figure out where it is!! But it was too hot to keep trying, so we stopped in at a store and bought salad stuff for dinner and called it a day.

Found it 9/24/2007 You found Base of the Past (Traditional Cache) ]
The farm brings back many memories both pleasant and unpleasant of when we were city kids who visited and “helped” on Uncle’s farm. In the thirties and forties many, if not most, still farmed with horses and the Binder and the Threshing machine had not yet been replaced by Combines. This is a great hide! May have to replicate it “Up North”. We looked at it a couple of times and this would have been a DNF had it not been for the encouragement of a friendly volunteer. Signed the log and left our card. Many thanks for the cache.

Found it 9/24/2007 You found Woodland Goats Gruff (Traditional Cache)
Very cute! Saline has sure changed since we used to drive through here 20 - 30 years ago. TFTC

9/24/2007 You couldn't find Tour de Saline - Colony Park (Traditional Cache)
Sometimes you bite the bear but sometimes the bear bites you. Today this bear took a great big chunk out of our hide. we will be back for another look.