Monday, January 07, 2008

Drew Christopher

Today is the birthday of Drew Christopher Charland, son of Shelly and Chris.

7 lbs. 13 oz., born Jan. 7, 2008

This baby has been eagerly anticipated by the whole family and the whole Central Grade School!

Congratulations to Shelly, Chris, grandparents, and especially to Drew. Can't wait for the pictures!

Here in Florida it's Dylan's last day of Winter Vacation. The thing he most wanted to do was to play miniature golf (he has always called it immature golf!). So Laurie, Dick and Dylan went off to do the golf thing, with a stop at Dairy Queen afterwards. I stayed at Laurie's and read my book (Secret Life of Bees) and watched Guiding Light for the first time since Dec. 18th. Nothing has changed much on the show!

Laurie and Dylan helped me do about six quests on W.O.W. It was very much fun, and Dylan is very, very helpful - thanks Mister D.

We watched the National Championship Game until it became obvious that LSU was going to win. Those Buckeyes were supposed to uphold the honor of the Big Ten, but they failed us miserably!