Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Birthday RBS !

Today is Dick's B-Day!  We figured out that we have now celebrated 62 birthdays together, because today is his 77th, and it all began when we were 15  :)

We had brunch at the Brookside in Beulah - we were shocked at their lack of customers.  All of the smaller restaurants on the way over had packed parking lots, but the Brookside was empty.  We enjoyed driving around Leelanau, caching, and just chilling out.  It was a most pleasant day.

Found it 09/22/2013You found  Welcome to Glen ArborVisit Log
We attempted to seek this cache earlier this summer but couldn't figure out how to get back here. (I don't know, maybe it's age.) Today we were able to get our brains in gear and drove right to it. Made the find, signed the log and replaced as found. Thanks for the hunt. 
Found it 09/22/2013You found  Pine nutVisit Log
Well this was quite a challenge for us but because of the reason this cache was placed, we had to persevere. Today is Mr. Bend's birthday. (77) We went out for brunch and then up to Empire to do some work on stage 1 of our S2S cache at the beach. Looking at nearby caches we saw this one was placed for Bobbie's birthday. A perfect one to score on a birthday.
We searched the spot indicated by our iPad and phone again and again going around and around, looking up and down, in and out, without success. Mrs Bend's endurance gave out first while the search was expanded to nearby spruces. All efforts were totally futile. We both were ready to call it quits. We got back in the car and prepared to drive away but first we reread the description and logs. There has only been 1 DNF in over 2 years and it is after all a cache dedicated to a birthday. Give it one more try. BINGO!!
How did we miss it? We looked there at least three times each. We must have had our hands within inches. Anyway a fantastic hide! Thanks Kati for the challenge and the sense of accomplishment. 
Found it 09/22/2013You found  Road KillVisit Log
We came over to do some maintenance on our S2S Empire cache and to pick up a few on the way. This is a fun one! We discovered that the zip lock had a couple of holes in it (maybe chewed?) so we replaced it. Found the cache, signed the log and replaced as found. Thanks for the fun. 
Found it 09/22/2013You found  Another Crystal Clear ViewVisit Log
On Mr Bend's birthday, we decided to enjoy brunch at the Brookside and then head over to Empire to do some cache maintenance. Since it's on the way, once again we decided to give this cache another try. It's just amazing how often we can search and search without success and then the position of our objective becomes clear and obvious. For this cache, today was the day. Erasing this DNF became a birthday present. Thanks Halanskis for the challenge and the reward.