Monday, November 19, 2012

New Specs

    Dick has now had both of his cataracts removed - we have two more weeks of eyedrops, and then we're done.  Today he had his final check-up, and everything is healing normally.

   We ordered  fantastic new glasses for him - really nice looking.  They are supposed to be ready before we leave for Florida.  I hope, I hope!

   A new geocaching goal is to find a cache on every calendar day, not necessarily all in the same year.  We've never found a cache on a November 19, so we searched for one called "Brace Yourself"  at an orthodontist's office (!).  The coordinates were a little off, but the Intrepid Cacher located it finally, under a bush.

   It's a very mild day today for November -  Temp hovering around 50.  It's odd, though, because you can see portents of winter all around.  Bushes are burlapped, tied, and protected.   At the Eye Doctor's, huge wooden protectors are covering all of the plantings and the A.C.    The city flower beds have all been cleared out and smoothed over.  It's a funny feeling, sort of like waiting for the other shoe to drop!