Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hixson, TN

Hixson is a suburb of Chatanooga, and it'w a little bit (7 miles) off I-75. Any port in a storm and we were glad to be there.

On the way to Hixson, we had stopped for lunch in Corbin, Kentucky. There was a cache really nearby, so of can fill in the blanks!
November 28 by basswoodbend (2461 found)
We are on a road trip to spend December with the worlds best grandson. We pulled off the race track for lunch and the Nuvi dinged. Can't pass up a quick cache.
The first time we visited Corbin was about fifty years ago when we used to spend Spring Break camping in the Smokies. The interstate was not completed then, the only route was US 25. When I-75 opened,it cut hours off the trip. Thanks for the memory break.

Caching in Corbin