Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hubbard Glacier Cruising (Yakatut Bay)

The atrium of our ship:

Toasting our cruise with a yummy pre-dinner pina colada.

Impressive Hubbard Glacier in Yakutat Bay.

Sunday 5/23/10
Slept well and then explored.
Note!! Next cruise insist that the cabin be center / bow even if cost is greater.
Cabin near stern. Nice but long walk to theater and dining.
Breakfast in Horizon. Buffet. Congee +++ Curried egg --, hash = canned, nothing special. Decaf cold.
Service at coffee bar shoddy but decaf = hot.
Girls shop, $10 watch, casino = $50 credit
Bill – gym
Lunch in restaurant. Mussels & snapper
Check Nuvi @ 3:30. She knows where we are. We are in Yakatut Bay. I can see glacier out the port side. It has receded well back from the bay.
Into bay to Turner and Hubbard glacier, we see from room. Ice floes surround us. Princess naturalist suggests global warming, climate change not true, part of a cycle.
Formal dress night, we opt for a drink and then the buffet.
Scout for seats in the Princess theater and meet some Missouri fans. The guy is convinced that Lloyd is a Mo grad and learned all his football under Divine. That’s why he was so much better than RR.
1 hour show titled “Dance”. Great production numbers! My favorite was Sara Lee.