Friday, February 28, 2014

Palm City Day

Doctor's Lab - 8:45

Martin Memorial Fitness Center  9:45

Home  11:00



Read books

Watch Pride and Prejudice

Go for a ride around cottage we rented a few years ago

Find a cache (Floater)

Found it 02/28/2014 You found Floater   Visit Log
A great adventure! We were just out for a drive enjoying the warmth and sunshine. Although the temp was only 74, it was still 101 degrees warmer that it was this morning at the home of one of our Michigan caching friends. We pulled in to the park and this cache popped up on our Nuvi. Scanned the description and hint on the mini iPad, pulled over and parked and walked over to GZ. After looking around behind three other pines, I spotted the cache and tried to extract it with out success. I figured I needed some tools so I walked back to the cachemobile and surveyed what ones I had. Took some back to the cache and tried to extract the container again. FAIL!!
OK so I obviously didn't have what I needed, I decided we should drive off, log the DNF, and return another day with something thin and flexible. Back in the car, I started up and began to drive away when Mrs Bend, who actually reads very carefully both the descriptions, the hints, and past logs of the caches, said "What if you - - - -, that's what it sounds like you are supposed to do" I hit the brakes, slapped myself up side the head, and went over and retrieved the cache. Signed the log and replaced as found.
This is one of our all time favorites. I'd love to copy it up north but it wouldn't be very winter friendly. Worth more than one favorite to us but that's all they'll let us do. Thanks for the fun and making our day!                   

Drive along river

Laurie and Dylan attend funeral of Stella Boland, a teacher from South Fork H.S.