Saturday, July 26, 2014


Our dear friends, Bill and Jan, Dennis and Chris drove up to see us this weekend.  Sniders arrived first, yesterday afternoon.  They couldn't believe how tall Dylan has gotten!  Isn't that always the way?

We spent most of the day chatting and reminiscing about old times and new times - family and friends.

 We got together with Dennis and Chris right around dinner time, and we all went to Boone's for dinner.  

Today all eight of us went to Round's for breakfast and we got a great table!  So much fun hearing everybody's stories and memories!

Afterwards we came out here to  the river - we checked out some of the samples that Laurie had brought home for the new condo.  Then we got out photo books and that caused a lot of entertaining conversation!  Dennis and Chris left for Brighton after a couple of hours.  It was so good of them to come up, and it was great to see them.  They have been dealing with problems caused by the renter who had been living in their house for 3 years - what a nightmare.  And Chris has to be in Gainesville by Tuesday to begin her new job at the University of Florida.

We were telling Sniders about how we were planning to drive Laurie and Dylan to Grand Rapids tomorrow to fly away.  They graciously offered to drive them down themselves in the morning!  How nice is that?

A marvelous time - old friends are the best.