Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Outback Adventure

Professional tandem racers in ultra light carbon fiber canoes start on Brown Bridge pond at 10 a.m. Paddlers will do a 10 minute loop on the pond, then portage Brown Bridge Dam and head downstream, portaging Cass and Sabin dams and finishing the 22-mile course at Hull Park.

And they went right past our house! At least two canoes had both women paddlers - You go, girls! (Women? Ladies?)

After the canoe race, we washed the winter grime off the golf car. With a bright and shiny golf car I couldn't resist taking neighbor Mary for a tour of the property. We went all the way down to Woodhenge, and used most of the paths - have to save something for next time.

Dropped a unique travel bug at Dennis' house, and then went to take in the sights at the Cherry Festival - mobs and mobs of people everywhere. Kathee said they had 3,000visitors at the Visitor Center yesterday...the usual daily count in the summertime is around 250!

The Unique travel bug is named PeeWee and he originated in Minnesota.