Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Lake

One of our favorite activities in Florida is to drive over to Lake Okeechobee. The scenery is beautiful, the locks, piers and scenic overlooks around the lake are fascinating, and there are always new caches to discover. This year it was just the two of us, so we mostly just did geocaching. Ate lunch at a place called The Lodge at the Lake. Our elderly waitress reminded us of Carol I., and hovered around our table. It was like having lunch with your mother. A nice day.

Found it 12/14/2011 You found [Traditional Cache] Look-Lock-Lake Visit Log OK so it's only a micro but - It brought us to a pretty spot we've never seen before, it showed some effort in disguising and placing the container, and I didn't pick up a fresh agglomeration of burrs and other clinging seeds all over my pants and sox. Signed the log and replaced as found. Thanks for showing us this place. (This is me playing with my phone while waiting for Dick to get back from the lock. He had Luck @ Look-Lock-Lake!)
This is the lock - Dick is actually in this picture somewhere retrieving the cache. iPhones are fun.

Found it 12/14/2011 You found [Traditional Cache] Team:CHETT Rocks!!! Visit Log Sure would like to know the history of the rope. Signed log and replaced. TFTC Found it 12/14/2011 You found [Traditional Cache] Plowboy Heaven - Okeechobee Style Visit Log Never saw that descriptive term before. Found tube, signed log, replaced as found. TFTS 

Found it 12/14/2011 You found [Traditional Cache] Welcome To Okeechobee Visit Log We parked, we grabbed, we signed, we replaced as found and drove on. 

Found it 12/14/2011 You found [Traditional Cache] "Time" to Eat Visit Log After reading the previous log we weren't optimistic but we were hungry so we gave it a shot. In fact we did find it right in the obvious spot, landscaping or not. Signed the log, replaced as found and went to lunch. We can recommend the breakfast bar.

Found it 12/14/2011 You found [Traditional Cache] Debbie's Diner Visit Log We picked up a coin yesterday that wants to go to the Bonita Springs area. This is as far west that we will be going before January and so we came over today. Our first target was a DNF but this was our second choice. Dropped off the coin, maybe someone can pick it up and move it farther west. Left our card and pathtag. Thanks for placing a cache that we could find and use. 

Didn 12/14/2011 You couldn't find [Traditional Cache] Country Roads Visit Log Came over today with a coin to drop off. This was our original target. Found the road but both our GPS and our iphone were bouncing all over. Checked the clue and just got more confused. Oh well, found an alternate. (We couldn't find that cache, but this is a picture of the "country road" and it's right in the middle of the town of Okeechobee!)