Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mall Walking and Rav Riding on Flag Day

We had a nice walk around the mall.  Stopped at Target and got a card for Adam R. and some new shorts and pants for Dick.  Didn't feel like having lunch at the Food Court, so we decided to take a ride around Long Lake and have lunch at home.  It's a beautiful day for a ride.

After lunch we drove out to the Feiger quilt barn on the peninsula because a cacher had logged that there was no log book in the cache!  Both bays were spectacularly beautiful today,  Have to say that for a change, East Bay had more dramatic shades of blue than West Bay.  However, West Bay won in the dramatic sailboats category.  Driving along Peninsula Drive we could see 14 or 15 sailboats with multi-colored sails making quite an impressive display - a real treat for our eyes!