Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday - Danbury to Lexington

Drove through Connecticut to Massachusetts by way of Rhode Island. We picked up a quick cache at a wonderful rest area in Rhode Island - it was a combination rest area, tourist information center, and part of the Albion Bicycle Trail. The building was very attractive - it looked almost like a big house - very welcoming. I'm sure that the building is quite new - everything inside was spacious and spotless.

We arrived in Lexington in plenty of time to go caching and to get souvenirs for Dylan - he's studying the Revolutionary War in 5th grade this fall. We got the souvenirs at the Minuteman National Historic Park - which was hard to find, but worth searching for. Their movie presentation was very well done - kind of a multi-media thing - we enjoyed it very much.

Today I had a chance to talk to Jana - she's doing well and feeling great. She's keeping connections with a lot of her old friends, and she gets out and about - it's interesting to talk to her about what's happening at CQ!

I also talked to Dylan this afternoon - it's so much fun to hear him tell about what's happening at school - today he was excited to tell me about the Continental dollars that the 13 colonies came up with after the Rev. War was over. I cracked myself up because he was talking about Jefferson Paine - so I told him that it was Tom Paine and he could remember it because his Uncle Tom is a pain! Hehehe