Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Answer Man

Today is Chip's birthday - Happy Birthday, Chip! We had dinner at Outback, and an ice cream cake from Oleson's.

Laurie and I went to see the Answer Man this afternoon. It was at the Lars Hockstad Auditorium as part of the Film Festival. This always brings back memories - it's the same auditorium Dick and I sat in as teen-agers at Central High in the fifties. Laurie and I were really lucky and got a good parking spot right in front of the school.

This screening was not sold out, but I must say that the auditorium was very crowded. It's fun to go to a movie where there are more than a half dozen other people in the theater!

The movie was really enjoyable, I thought. Jeff Daniels did a great portrayal of a reclusive author who is supposed to have all of the answers to life's most difficult questions. The supporting actors were all good too, especially Lauren Graham (I love her anyway from The Gilmore Girls). Chris the bookseller was well played also - I didn't quite get him at the beginning, but he became an important part of the story. The ending was a little slick - a really "happy ending" kind of a movie. I suppose it's a chick flick, but there's also quite a bit of bad language, so...not sure about that.

Yay Film Festival!