Saturday, March 29, 2008


There's a poem in the current issue of the New Yorker that expresses the way I've been feeling about the weather for the past few weeks. The poem's title is "March" and the author is Louise Gluck. These are the two parts of the poem that appealed to me:

The light stays longer in the sky, but it's a cold light,
it brings no relief from winter....

It's a little early for all of this.
Everything's still very bare----
nevertheless, something's different today from yesterday

Today we had blue sky and sunshine, and the sun was stronger - it really felt warm. We went to the dump and to town and did a little geocaching and sightseeing. The Bays were both beautiful and blue, with occasional stripes of white ice. It was a great day for a drive, but for geocaching, the footpaths are still deep with snow. We also still have 18 inches on our deck.

Dick is third in our family bracket competition, and I'm sixth at the moment. The Midwest bracket (read Davidson) did us all in this year. Dick picked Memphis to win it all, and I picked Kansas. Maybe one of us will get lucky. This should be an interesting weekend. I'm a little nervous because Kansas has to play Davidson! I think that Stephen Curry is an alien.

The Big Ten is all washed up. Both Wisconsin and Michigan State lost by 20 points! I was counting on them each to win one more game each. At least State lost to a high seed - but then of course Wisconsin had to play (shudder) Davidson. The headline on the front page of the Record-Eagle this morning was "Sparty-Poopers".

This is Spring (???)

We went for a drive today essentially to go out to lunch at Art's Tavern in Glen Arbor, one of our all-time favorites. Even though it looks like a dive on the outside, it pretty much still looks like a dive on the inside! But It's comfortable with good food and friendly service.

We were trying out my birthday present - my new NUVI. It works fine - Dick only talked back to it a couple of times. I think it will be a great help when we're traveling in unfamiliar territory.

After lunch, we did a mini-tour of Leelanau County, and were surprised to see iceboats on northern Lake Leelanau. There was an iceboat race going on out on the ice, but it was too far away for us to photograph. These boats were moored close to shore. Makes it even harder to believe that Spring is here!

Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore Dune Climb
Avalanche? In Michigan? That's a first for me! Especially when it's almost April.