Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bag and Bo

The day began with a ride through town in the blustery snow to see the beautiful bay being ferocious.  The waves were really high, with winds from the north.  The sun came out at one point, turning the western shore of the bay a deep blue with whitecaps, while the right shore was cloudy, dark and snowing.

Jana's bag did not arrive with her last night, so a trip to the airport was next.  If you ever lose luggage at Cherry Capital Airport, look for the big man wearing an orange vest.  He knows everything.  The bag is now in the guest room.

Bo Tangles is my hair salon of choice, and Christi is my girl.  Today she gave Jana a fantastic haircut.  Christi really spent a lot of time to get it just right.  Thanks to her.

Cedar Run Eye Center was next.  Dick picked up new lenses for his glasses.  Now he sees everything clearly.

Errands are over, now we're back home.  We braved the blustery winds, icy roads and relentless lake effect snow and got home safely.   Steiger Grundy for supper.