Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Dick was up early and had some caches to find. Jan and I are waving bye-bye.

The capital city of Alaska obviously needs bear-proof trash bins!

But also obviously, it doesn't place much importance on its Visitor Center!

A beautiful mural in downtown Juneau.

The Capitol Building

We all went for a ride around Juneau Harbor in a little steam launch. It was a nice ride with great scenery, and the Captain was informative and entertaining. He charged me a dollar for asking if this boat was like the African Queen! He said he's asked that question by someone on every ride! It is like the African Queen, only smaller. Well, what the heck, it was a relevant question anyway. The lady who did the narration could put you to sleep, and it almost happened to me!

The Captain is explaining how the steam engine works, and keeps it puffing away for the whole trip.

The Coral Princess in Juneau Harbor

Tonight is formal night, and also the special reception for the Captain's Circle (people who have done more than one Princess cruise). We met in the Universe Lounge, and had free drinks and snacks. The Captain spoke, but English is not his first language, so it was difficult to understand him - but we all had a chance to shake his hand. They handed out awards to the people who have cruised the most. The grand prize winner was a lady who has spent 715 days on a Princess cruise ship, not counting this current cruise! Holy cow!

After another great dinner in the dining room, we split up - Bill went to watch Avatar, Dick went to bed, and Jan and I went to the Casino. I got really lucky at first, but you always ends the same way. I lose all my winnings. Jan was a little bit more lucky. But, hey, we had a great time!

Time confusion means I wandered around the ship for an hour and a half looking for a cup of coffee. (He thought it was 5 a.m. - it was 4 a.m.) We veto plans to eat breakfast in the dining room, there is a better selection at Horizon. After breakfast walk into town seeking caches. One was gov’s house. State animal should be the mountain goat. Clock a DNF at Holland America pier. Later, as we were leaving on the bus Nan suggested the trashcan. Bet that is it.
They skipped lunch but I was hungry so I ate. Afternoon was a ride in a steam launch. Nice little ride but boring talk. Transportation to and from was less than stellar.
Evening is formal and starts with the Captain’s circle. Drinks were complimentary - gimlets and fruit punch. Bill and Jan had something green. Dinner was at a table for ten because of the rush. Afterwards Bill went to Avatar, Nancy and Jan to the casino and Dick to bed (10:00) Tylenol PM did nothing but the Simply Sleep did the trick!