Monday, June 30, 2014

Last Day of June

If you had told me last October that by July 1, ground would still not be broken for our new condo, I might have just thrown in the towel and given up on it.  But, it hasn't, and I didn't.  And so we wait.  I think nothing will happen for two more weeks.  Don't hold your breath.

This afternoon I got my hair cut at BoTangles.  Christie is always so much fun to talk to - I really enjoyed it.  Then we dropped off the laundry at Eastfield - after all, it is Monday-Washday, and we still don't have a working dryer.

Found it 06/30/2014 You found Zillions of Fish at Kid's Creek Pond?   Visit Log
The better half of the BB team had an appointment at the beautiful shop this afternoon. So while she was getting trimmed and regaled with the latest drama in Christie's family life, I took the opportunity to wander down here and find this cache. This place has a lot of memories for us when we were kids. There was no highway here then. Division Street ended at 14th Street and this area was owned by the Oleson's. In this area there were ponds where they raised trout for their stores and where kids could sometime sneak in and catch some to take home.
Enjoyed the walk, found the cache, signed the log, and put everything back where I found it. Thanks BirdsEye for placing and maintaining this cache.