Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday at the Lake

Laurie, Dick and I drove out to Lake Okeechobee to do some geocaching and sight seeing combined. We're back to having great Florida weather - sunny and 72 :) The drive out to the lake is on a beautiful country road lined with trees and shrubs and palms dripping with Spanish moss - very picturesque.

We walked out on the big pier, which we shared with the birds, and got a great view of the lake.

Dad and daught:

Grandma and Mommy:

It was unusual to see these two (or more) species of birds "flocking together". The darker birds have orange feet and straight orange bills.

There were five caches found, and one of them was big enough for Laurie to place the travel bug she found a year ago - it got packed away with the Christmas things, and so it just showed up this week! It's back on it's travels now! There were a couple of frustrating DNF's, but we had a good time looking anyway.

We ate lunch at Lunker's in Lake Okeechobee, which turned out to be a great place with yummy sandwiches.

This is the only four-legged wildlife we saw today - and they weren't very wild:

We got back to Palm City just in time to pick Dylan up from school, and spent the rest of the day hanging out at their house. Laurie's new computer is all hooked up, and the new monitor is attached, so Dylan was excited when he got home. Our game has a new expansion with lots of changes and additions, and so WoW has become even more interesting this week. On most days he doesn't have much time to spend playing on the computer, but today he made up for it!

In the car line at school this bumper sticker caught our eye - Dylan is in that class too, so we were interested to see it.

Our day of caching:

12/10/2010 You couldn't find Allapattah Watering Hole
Gave it a quick look but our clock was running down and we had to get to Hidden Oaks to pick up the youngest Sharkie.

12/10/2010 You found Allapattah Flats Trail 3
TNLNSL-TFTC No cow pie dodging on this one.

12/10/2010 You found Zeke Made Me Do It BillyBob
I was dodging cow pies and marveling at all the spots where an ammo can could hide when Mrs. Sharkie scored the find. TNLNSL - TFTC

12/10/2010 You found Foxy Brown
After a drive to the lake we had to get back to Palm City to pick up our grandson from middle school. We kept one eye on the clock and the other on the GPS as we drove east. This one popped and we discovered the smallest Lock-N-Lock we've ever found. Some critter likes it, he's been gnawing the camo. We left our card and a lady bug charm. TFTC

12/10/2010 You couldn't find Fire In The Hole
No joy today

12/10/2010 You found Behind the Bell
An AMMO CAN!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We really like to be able to swap swag.
Today we teamed up with Sharkeie Crew for a drive out to the lake with the goal of finding a cache large enough to hold a TB. That is not an easy task in this part of the world. Our experience so far is that no more than 1 in 10 caches here are in regular sized containers. We've grabbed our share of micros but today we just weren't in the mood. Thanks for bringing us to this interesting neighborhood. It's an old song but, "Were it not for Geocaching, we would never have come here".
Took nothing, left our card and some hand sanitizer. Thanks again for the cache.

12/10/2010 You found Why Here?
Today's goal was to drive out to the lake with Sharkie Crew, enjoy the scenery, and find a regular cache to drop a TB into. This cache accomplished the first goal. As to "Why Here?", it's pretty obvious that at some point in the past, folks were free to drive in the area, perhaps to drop air boats. Now to find one of those rare and elusive regular sized containers.