Friday, July 27, 2007

Mom's Service

Marian Geib Kanitz
September 8, 1908 - February 17, 2007

All of the kids were here for Mom's service today. Kris and Dan were unable to be here, and we were thinking of them.

Rev. Hogue officiated at the graveside. He read the 23rd Psalm, and Ecclesiastes (to every thing there is a season). He also read a favorite passage of Mother's. Rev. Hogue shared his memories of Mom and Dad, and it was a very brief but meaningful service. The music was In the Garden, Fairest Lord Jesus, and O Master Let me Walk with Thee. Adam from Reynolds did a fine job coordinating everything, and I was pleased with the result.

The flowers were beautiful, the little bit of rain was gentle, and the airplane flyovers were courtesy of the Cherry Capital Airport (somebody counted 8 interruptions - we think students were practicing touch and go).

It was sparsely attended, as Mother knew it would be, which is why she didn't want a big memorial service. In attendance were Dick and I, Laurie, Chip & Dylan, Tom, Jana, Jim & Emilie, Rick & Mary, Art & Sue Schubert, and Billie Gardener (who brought a beautiful red rose, and who characterized Mother as a free-thinker, which pleased me no end).

We all had lunch at Minerva's, and then Jim and Emilie came back to the house to pick up some of Mom's and Dad's personal items to keep.