Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Breakfast at the Barrel

We met Dan at the Belleville Cracker Barrel for a great breakfast. It was very much fun to catch up with him and to see him doing so well in spite of his serious health problems. He keeps busy with the BHS football team and weekly golf games. We both admire his "can do" spirit. Good breakfast and good company.

An employee offered to snap all three of us together - it's a bit blurry, but here we are.

We photographed two of our previous homes just for the heck of it while we were driving around the Belleville area. This one is our first Belleville home, right in town. Our apartment was on the ground floor left. We lived there from June, 1957 until the fall of 1960. Lydells lived above us for a while, and then Thibaudeaus moved in. Thibaudeaus were much more fun! Mrs. Mitchell lived across the hall. She would knock on our door periodically with plates of muffins.

Here's our second home, in Quirk Sub. This is where we lived when Laurie was born.
We lived here from the fall of 1960 until the fall of 1962. Dick came down with the mumps in this house. and was on the couch with orders not to move during the time when Laurie took her first steps! Steinhauers lived next door. They had twin boys and a young one named Karl who was just about Laurie's age. They were good playmates for her. This house had a really big backyard - long and narrow.