Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve on Saint Creek Drive

Tom gave Jana an early Christmas gift - hair cut and color at the Sada Salon in Stuart. Her appointment was at 10 a.m. When she was finished, Tom and Laurie met her for lunch at the Osceola Cafe. The report was that the reuben sandwiches were great! After their lunch, Jana did some Christmas shopping for Dylan and the guinea pigs.

Dick and I did a small amount of geocaching, which was fun because we had a chance to drive through some new and different neighborhoods.

Laurie made chili for us and it was yummy. Tom, Laurie, Dylan. Jana and I played World of Warcraft - there's a new instance in Icecrown, and we were trying to get acquainted with it and learn our way around it. We did not succeed! We need to have some more powerful players with us - we were too weenie! Christmas Eve was mellow and stressful at the same time - mellow because of the season and stressful because of the silly World of Warcraft game!

This house is on Long Bay Drive, around the corner from Laurie and Chip.

These are some of the arches along Saint Creek Drive.

We left early so we could get to sleep in preparation for early rising on Christmas Day! Actually, Dick and I went to bed early but Jana was wrapping presents until 3 a.m. !