Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

We have no Dads to honor anymore, except in memory.  Thank you Dad!

We started with Brunch at the newly re-opened Brookside in Beulah.  Their brunch was really sublime - lots of fresh fruit and yummy desserts, and wonderful ham.  We really liked it!

Afterwards we drove to Lake Michigan in Frankfort just because it's always such a great experience with an always spectacular view.  It did not disappoint!

We stopped in at Crystal Gardens to do some flower shopping - they have such healthy looking plants!  We got marigolds and some blue perennials.

  We also had some cache maintenance to do at the Empire Beach on Lake Michigan.  You wouldn't believe how crowded the beach was.  It was a gorgeous, warm day and people wanted to enjoy the water.  Every parking spot in the main area was taken.  People were parked all along both sides of the access road, and some were parking in town and walking to the beach.  The smartest ones were the bikers - no parking problems there.

Historically, we have cached on Father's Day since 2003, so we picked up a couple of easy ones just to be historically correct!  It was a beautiful day for any activity you can think of!

Driving through Glen Arbor, Dick got a call from Tom, so we pulled over by the tennis courts, and they had a good conversation.  Our daughters called later, after we got back home, so he had a chance to talk to all of his kids on his Day.  Wildflowers in Glen Arbor has great looking plants too - Dick found a gorgeous hanging basket there.

We stopped at Tom's West Bay and bought steaks and baking potatoes and had a feast for dinner.  It was a lovely day.

Found it 06/17/2012You found  Fair ParkVisit Log
In the spring of '03, we heard about this activity. On Father's Day, we took the GPS the kids had given us and gave Geocaching a shot. We were hooked! After a yummy brunch at the reopened Brookside, we found this cache and launched our 10th year. Thanks for the cache with a view. Now if we could only find the one across the lake.

Found it 06/17/2012You found  platte lakeVisit Log
We came over to the area for a Father's Day brunch and to pick up some flowers at Crystal Gardens. We started caching on Father's Day of '03. This is the 10th consecutive FD of caching for us. The drive to and from this one was memorable. The "roads" reminded us of last weekend at the road rally. Nuvi must have sent us in the wrong way. Made the find, signed the log and took out some trash. TFTC 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Are You Geocacher Enough? (AYGE)

It's time for the 5th annual Road Rally Event!
Geocacher Enough? Road Rally
Are You Geocacher Enough? Road Rally
June 9-10, 2012

This is our second time around at AYGE - last year was hard, hard, hard and tiring yet rewarding!  This year was easier because now we're veterans and know what to expect - well, sort of!  We teamed again with DinoDuo and Captain Bud - they are the real experts!