Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Gall !

Sunday was a perfect geocaching day, and we went out to enjoy the mild weather - searching for caches and doing cache maintainence. Just by chance, out on Mayfield Road, we were looking for a cache by Dave (Lane973) when he drove up on his way to find our cache at Emma's Shrine! It was a fun coincidence, and we enjoyed meeting him. He seems like a great guy, but you do have to ignore the Notre Dame hat and stickers on his truck!

Then later, we had another chance meeting, this time it was Matt and Amy when we were doing maintainence on the new View of the Bay series. It was a good thing we ran into them because that particular stage had been muggled, and Dick was able to straighten things out.

Altogether, on Sunday Dick found three caches and did maintainence on four.

Monday Dylan stayed home from school again - he has caught a really nasty bug. They went to their Dr. and got prescriptions for decongestion/antihistamine and for an antibiotic - we hoping that he'll soon be up and at 'em. He sounded very weak and congested on the phone. Poor guy!

Dick had his annual eye exam with drops at 9:15, so I was the designated driver. He felt a little weird all day - neither of us were exactly setting the world on fire. Laundry, of course, and grocery shopping. We just had hot dogs for supper. I went to bed early - couldn't keep my eyes open!

Today Dylan is still staying home sick, but the Dr. said he could go to school tomorrow if he felt like it. He still sounds pathetic on the phone. We went to the gym as usual, had a good workout as usual, went to the Omelette Shoppe as usual - but the unusual thing was that I had a gall bladder attack soon after being seated! I'm sure that's what it was - I looked it up after I felt better. Dick rushed me right home, I was sick, sick, sick for four hours, and then as quickly as it came, it left! So now I'm not feeling sick, just like a limp dishrag, as Mother used to say.

By the sheerest coincidence, I have a routine appointment with Dr. Burke in the morning - how lucky is that?!