Friday, April 11, 2008

NMC Scholarship Luncheon

Another lovely scholarship luncheon for donors of NMC scholarships - today at noon at the Hagerty Center. It's always very nice and this was no exception. We sat with Kerry, Craig and Sandra.

Kerry works for the law firm of Smith, Haughey etc. She was fun and interesting. Craig works at NMC and is also on the board of Oryana, so we told him to say hi to Sarna.

Sandra was the student at our table, and believe it or not, she worked for Cherryland Electic as a lineman!! And she's just a small person! Even more unbelievable is that she survived a fall of 34 feet which really should have been fatal. She broke her back and she has a red scar on her face but she seems healthy and happy and recovered. It's quite a miracle story!

We saw Pete, Mim, and a gal from the Agency who was very sweet to us. We had a good time.

When we got home, Dick leveled on the game and so now our whole family is level 70!! How awesome is that?