Monday, June 23, 2008

Westward Ho

We're not exactly pioneers in a covered wagon, we're just two old fogys in a Subaru. We're heading off to Glacier National Park to do some geocaching and some sightseeing. This is part of our quest to find a cache in every State of the Union! I think we'll add at least five States to our total on this trip.

We started out today by filling up with gas at $4.04/gallon in T.C., going across the bridge and through the U.P. The Upper is one of our favorite road trips.

We always see something unusual. Today it was humorous road signs. My personal favorite was the yard ornament store called Birdbath and Beyond! Dick's was "Honest Injun's Tourist Trap", and we both liked "Just 40 miles to Carwash"!

We had a picnic at Fox Beach Park, paid $3.89/gallon in Menominee, and spend the night in Marinette, Wisconsin.

This is a statue along the Menominee River in Marinette's Stephenson Island Park.
Dick found three caches in Wisconsin.