Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Cherry Festival

The tourists had the weekend and the 4th to enjoy the Festival - today we decided it might be safe to brave the crowds and try for lunch at the food court in the Open Space.

It took some logistics to get me and my walker properly dropped off and met up with, but Dick is getting really good at it, thank goodness.

There were still hoards of people, but there were some empty tables, even at lunch time. Dick got a Greek salad from the U&I and I got fish and chips from Minerva's. Yumminess. We sat with some businessmen - a contractor, a realtor, and one other. It was interesting.

It was another ideal day to be outside - the Festival people have been blessed with good weather this year. We walked around a little bit after lunch - over to the water to check out the boats, and around Gibbyville. The mini train was absolutely loaded with families - we saw one empty seat.

These posters are at the entrance to Gibbyville - no way to tell how accurate they are, but evidently people are here from all over.