Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April Fool

Didn't find it 04/01/2014You couldn't find Poppleton Creek Park Visit Log
We took a break from packing the car for our trip back north and decided to take a break and seek a few caches. After a DNF at the cemetery, we came over to this nice park. As I approached GZ I thought "Oh, oh, this is my least favorite type of hiding spot." Oh well, April Fools! the joke's on us. 
Didn't find it 04/01/2014You couldn't find Where The Dead Fern Grows Visit Log
Well it's April Fools Day so the joke's on us. We are heading back north now so we won't be back here to look until fall. 
Found it 04/01/2014You found  FADC Visit Log
Once we made it back to GZ, Mrs Bend whipped out her magic mirror and made quick work of the find. Signed the log and replaced as found. However, after logging a couple of finds, the joke was on us and we scored nothing but DNF's on this April Fools Day. Thanks for the Smiley. 
Found it 04/01/2014You found  Moore's Cemetery Visit Log
We finished packing up for our return trip to the tundra and decided to seek a few caches before we reach the snow. This has sounded interesting. Thanks for the history lesson. It certainly represents a dark chapter in Florida's (and our country's) past. Log book is in good shape. We took and left nothing but we got a chuckle over the contents. Is there any significance in the screw we wonder? Signed log and replaced as found.