Friday, January 20, 2012

Most Unique

Met Sam and Sandy for lunch in Kissimmee - it was about a 2 hour drive for both couples.  It's always good to catch up with old friends and hear what they've been up to and what their kids are doing. It was one of those 2 hour lunches! It was very nice to see them looking so well.

 While in the area, we picked up three caches before driving home, one of which was Most Unique.
Purple Penguins Trippy Treasures! 
We drove up this morning to meet and have lunch at the Olive Garden with some friends we taught and coached with over 30 years ago. The food was great, the conversation even better, and afterward, as we were leaving, we noted that there was a cache in the parking lot. Expecting what we have come to call the standard Florida Park and Rob, we lifted the skirt. Boy were we ever surprised and gladdened when we actually got out the GPS and discovered that rarity, the cache with stash. We took a little notebook and some trash from near the cache, left our card, our pathtag and a punch ball. Thanks for the very unexpected pleasure.
Circle, Ring or Whorl? 
Found it Found it 01/20/2012 After enjoying a geezer lunch with some fellow retiree's at the Olive Garden, we came across the street to grab a cache. Quick find. Signed log and replaced as found. TFTC
Virtual Cache World's Most Unique ??? 
We love Virtual Caches, We regret the Groundspeak decision to terminate them although we do understand. Just as the ammo can in the woods morphed into the film can in every parking lot and the bison tube on every fence post, so too, the virtual with a unique view or attraction was becoming every plaque on every street corner. The task of the virtual cache owner has also become more difficult. As we have found with ours, folks are constantly attempting to log them without fulfilling the requirements. The owner has the unpleasant job of deleting those logs and then putting up with the abuse some chose to rain down upon you. This baby definitely ranks as a unique treasure that only a virtual cache will show to you. Truly, truly unique! Thank you very much for giving us a reason to visit. "Were it not for Geocaching etc. etc. etc."

This monument was begun in 1941. It has plaques from every State - they are either wood, metal or stone. There are also some plaques with the names of governors of the period. There were many, many from Michigan. It was hard to tear ourselves away - something else fascinating would be spotted. It certainly is Unique!