Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Historic Leelanau

Found it 08/05/2014You found  Blue's 45th Clue Visit Log
We came up from Traverse today for this multi so we can add the Sightseer Souvenir to our Trophy Case. It turned out to be a little harder than it should have been because first we lost coverage on our iPhone and Pad so we didn't have the cords with us. We had to drive to a place where the signal was strong enough for us to get the cords to load into the Garmin. That accomplished, stage 1 was found but the bone head loading the cords for the final kept punching in 45 which put me over 60 miles away. Eventually the light dawned and the bridge was located but the GPSr wanted me to search the wrong side. Finally, after a significantly longer search than should have been necessary, as I was about ready to give up, the "Well Duh!" moment arrived and the can was found. Took nothing, left our card and a small piece of stash, put the cache back where it was found and walked off with our first Souvenir of August. TFTC 
Found it 08/05/2014You found  Historic Caches of Leelanau County Challenge Visit Log
Doing this cache was fun and full of memories. We learned of caching in the spring of 2003 and made our first find on Fathers Day, we were hooked. We made a caching excursion into our favorite county on our 46th wedding anniversary, June 22, 2003. On that run we found GCC1F9 - When Lumber was King, GC95B8 - Sleeping Bear Duneside, and Trashcan's GC911D - Bland Cemetery. We were back over on July 13 and found GCAED7 - Child's Play, and then on October 19 found GCGHV4 - Pierce Stocking overlook #1. We found the rest the next year, on May 2nd, datum's GC3DE6 - Rockin' Robin III, (We were the last finders before he posted that he wanted to archive it.) on May 24th we found GC9550 - Doggone cache, and then in August, on the 14th we found GCJPZN - Manitou Meanderings 1.
Thanks for placing this cache and giving us a trip back in time. Made the find after waiting out a muggle dog walker. Took nothing, left our card and a plastic necklace and replaced as found.