Sunday, November 02, 2008

Martha Cook Picture

When we picked up our mail yesterday, included in it was my Martha Cook Building Alumnae Newsletter (Cookie Crumbs). Imagine my surprise when on page 9 I spotted a group picture from 1956 which I recognized right away, because I'm in the first row! So now my college days qualify for historic pictures?

In the newsletter it actually says, "Can anyone help put some names to these faces?" It's just like in the Grand Traverse Herald every Wednesday with the pictures of the 1908 baseball team, except that this time it's ME! YE GODS! If you click on the picture it gets a little bit bigger. I'm 3rd from the right in the front row.

I did write a letter to help the gals "put names to the faces", which is very easy because the names are all right there in the YEARBOOK for crying out loud! Not exactly a mystery.

Yes! This picture is in the 1956 Ensian on page 144, complete with all of the names!

I'm in the first row, 3rd from the right (Nancy Kanitz Steiger).

Next to me, 2nd from the right is my maid of honor (Roberta "Bobbie" Evans Hayes).

Behind us, first on the right is my bridesmaid (Carol "Cookie" Cook Boberg). I noticed that on the website enlargement of the picture, Carol is completely cut off - but she's there in the yearbook.

My roomate, Claire Zimmerman Dailey must have missed picture day - she was my other bridedsmaid.

Bobbie, Cookie, Claire and I were all in the Class of 1957.

I married Richard B. Steiger, '59, and we'll be celebrating 52 years in June, so the wedding party did an exceptional job, don't you think?

We all keep in touch, even though we are widely separated - I live in Traverse City, Michigan, Bobbie is in Virginia,
Carol is in Houston, and Claire lives in Naples, Florida.

It was fun to look at the picture again and to see so many friends and familiar faces.

My family and I visited Martha Cook this past September when we were giving my 10 year old grandson a tour of the campus. It was extremely pleasant to see the building looking so much the same, and Dick and I were proud to show it off to my daughter, son and grandson. We shared many good memories of the University in the 50s. It made me proud to be a Cookie all over again!

It was fun to see the picture in the newsletter, and I recognized it right away even though I haven't looked at it in years. Thanks for the opportunity!

Nancy Kanitz Steiger