Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wisconsin is a Beautiful State!

Today we drove across Wisconsin from Marinette to the Saint Croix River boundary with Minnesota. Lush green forest, beautiful big farms with many silos and outbuildings, dairy herds, herds of sheep, parks, rivers, rolling hills, outcroppings - I thought it was really enjoyable. The little villages we stopped by were in such good repair and well-maintained - it was a real pleasure to see them. We had a picnic in Stanley, and filled up with gas in New Richmond ($3.97/gal.) Wisconsin has a town named Menominie, too, but they spell their's with an i - e.

We entered Minnesota at Stillwater - what a fun town that looks like! It's touristy - full of shops and outdoor cafes - it was active and busy today. We could see where the St. Croix River was flooding a little bit - not too badly - but a big part of the river walk was under water.

The rest of today's drive was almost all on the Interstate or Minnesota divided-highways all the way to St. Cloud. This is where we're spending the night. Dick found three caches in Minnesota. Tonight we have a free night at the Comfort Inn. Yaay