Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dick's Dip/ Descendants

This morning Dick drove over to Publix to do some walking and to pick up some caches in that area. He saw many of these muscovy ducks - apparently some people feed them, and they have no fear of humans. They're not the prettiest duck you'll ever see! He says that they are the only ducks in the U.S. not related to mallards. The native Americans were the first to domesticate them.

I stayed here and walked around the building, along the riverfront, and ended up at our condo's little pool with my Kindle.

Our Gate:

Fountain number 2:

When Dick got back, he joined me poolside and took a dip in the pool - he said it was warmer than the summertime Bay.


 It would have been nice to spend more time around the pool, but the hedge trimmers came to trim all of the hedges, and it was so loud we retreated upstairs. We had to close the windows upstairs for some peace and quiet.

 Laurie and I went to the Treasure Coast Mall to see George Clooney in Descendants - such a sad, sad movie on so many levels. It was worth seeing, but the men would have hated it. It was a five tissue movie. I especially enjoyed the Hawaiian music and the beautiful island scenery. 

 Even though we were full of popcorn when we got back to Palm City, we had a slice of pizza and watched an episode of Burn Notice - then it was time to come home.

Kit Gifford

My best friend in high school was Freda S.  Her big sister Kit put up with us very nicely.  Today Kit passed away in Honolulu, which has been her home for several years.   Kit and Freda's dad was a widower, and a typesetter at the T.C. Record-Eagle.  When we were in Junior High together, Freda's Dad married my teacher for grades 5 and 6 at Union Street School, Evelyn Wiltse.

 Rest in peace, Kit.  I believe you had a good life.

Dec. 22, 2011
Kit Gifford, 78, of Honolulu died in Honolulu. She was born in Traverse City, Mich. She is survived by husband Bruce, daughter Janet G. Brown and sister Freda Sprietsma. No services. No flowers.