Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pictures, WoW,Puzzles, Caches, Haircut, Library and Groceries

Our whole day is in the title!

I started the day at the computer, first emailing Mike R. with a report about the beta testing I'm doing on his crossword puzzles. Puzzle making is his new hobby, and he's quite good. Then I spent an hour uploading old photos from the scanner to my photo program - object: preservation. Next of course I had to play Wow for another hour - then it was time for cache maintenance.

Dick is working on Expanding Your Universe, which has one stage for each planet. It needed some post-winter upgrading and coord checking. It was a nice day to drive around town from one planet to the next!

Dick had scheduled a haircut, so he dropped me off at the library. I read 5 different magazines - some of it was fascinating stuff.
I found some recipes, some great sounding websites to visit, and a great story about a foundling home 18th century London.

On the way home we stopped at Oleson's to pick up one item, and wound up with two bags full.

My knees still don't hurt and my back is about 75% better. Tomorrow the injection should take full effect. I'm still optimistic.