Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bambi and Faline

Beautiful day for some caching in Benzie County. The main attraction was the Frankfort 33rd annual Art Fair. When we got to Frankfort it was swarming with crowds of people and cars. It looked as though every available parking spot in town had been taken! It seems in addition to the Art Fair there was also an antique car show, and something else (which I don't remember) going on.

We were almost afraid to try Dinghy's for lunch, expecting it to be super crowded - but our timing was perfect and it didn't get crowded until we were almost finished.

The Art Fair was fun - it occupied the entire city park - lots of interesting booths. I actually bought a couple of prints for my bedroom.

The caching was successful as well. Nine caches were found today - one of them gave us this terrific view of a young buck and doe on a hillside. They watched us for a long time - it's always so satisfying to get a good picture like this.

Whenever you go caching, be sure to take along an intrepid cacher: