Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tower Flash and Dash

Today I stayed home while Laurie and Dick went to the Cacheapalooza flash mob.  The logs prove that they had a really good time.  Tomorrow Dick and I will go to the MondayPalooza Meet and Greet.  It's been a great holiday weekend so far!

Will Attend 01/19/2014You will attend  CP-8 MondayPalooza Meet & GreetVisit Log
We intend to stop by 
Found it 01/19/2014You found  On the road to CP 8 – GolfVisit Log
After the Flash Mob and a few caches, Mrs Sharkie and Mr Bend were going to the car to return home for some football watching. As we approached the gate at the road, a group of ladies approached and asked if we were geocaching. They had seen all the cars parked along side the road and wondered what was going on. They asked a cacher and he told them a little about our activity and gave them general directions to this cache.
They had no GPS, not even a phone with an app but had been told that if they found the trail just past the tracks, they could find it. We decided to take the extra time to help them. We let them make the find and recover the log. Both they and we had a lot of fun with it. During the process, Mrs Sharkie gave an abbreviated Geocaching 101 lesson.
We signed the log and with their help and supervision, replaced everything as found. We think we've enlisted some muggles into the activity. 
Found it 01/19/2014You found Beethoven's 8th SymphonyVisit Log
Out doing some caching after the Flash Mob before heading home to watch some football. After signing the log we returned to the car. TFTC 
Found it 01/19/2014You found  R.E.M. - "Driver 8"Visit Log
The hint threw us off but with help we made the find. 
Didn't find it 01/19/2014You couldn't find The Byrds - "Eight Miles High"Visit Log
We gave it our best but it wasn't good enough. 
Found it 01/19/2014You found Emergency! Squad 51 respond...Visit Log
After the Flash Mob, Mrs Sharkie and I decided to seek a few more caches before heading home to watch the Patriots. This was definitely our favorite find so far at C8. Extremely well done! Thanks for the chuckle! 
Found it 01/19/2014You found  Camp Murphy Kiosk OffsetVisit Log
While waiting for the flash mob, Mrs Sharkie and I came over to read the Kiosk to read the material and solve the cords for the offset.Once again, my carelessness made this much more difficult than it should be. I have to keep reminding myself to CAREFULLY read the description! Luckily, she knew how to activate and use the GeoCheck. After the Flash Mob we corrected my error and strolled to the cache. I'd like to think that I wouldn't make that type of mistake again but I know better. TFTC 
Attended 01/19/2014You attended  Tower Flash (mob) and DashVisit Log
Came out today with Mrs Sharkie. We picked up a few caches but the flash mob was the attraction. Thanks for putting on this event.