Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day, Busch, Duffy's, and The Game With No Name

Our first stop today was the  Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter.  It's a small, friendly animal rescue operation where you can see all kinds of native Florida wildlife.  My favorites today were the river otters and the bald eagles.  They also have panthers, bears, snakes, armadillos, etc.

 Dylan used to volunteer here as a presenter when he was in elementary school.  Every day they have a brief animal presentation giving the audience a chance to pet the animals and learn about each one.  He was the skunk presenter and bird enclosure cleaner-upper!

A possum. 6 months old

Great Horned Owl

The Amphitheater

Some attendees !

You almost feel like saluting this regal bird.

Florida Panthers

Watching the foxes.

After the animals, Dylan was a good sport and we went to eat at Duffy's, which is his least favorite place.  The food was good, we had fun, and the family at the next table was very entertaining!

Back at Laurie's house we did a reprise of the Game With No Name - it's basically like charades without the acting out - just guessing from sometimes obscure clues!

HatBoy, just for fun!