Monday, July 18, 2011

The Deer Whisperer

The day began with breakfast at the Omelette Shoppe with Tim and Susie. It's always much fun to be with them, and today was even more enjoyable because the entire Gillespie family plus Tom were all there, too. Hope T&S can get their zipper fixed!

Back at the river, the intrepid four went kayaking. It started out just fine, but somewhere between here an the DNR site, a rainstorm blew in, and we had our first thunder kayaking adventure. The kids were all soaked, but when we went to pick them up they were doing the patented Dylan "bunny hop" dance - so they were wet but certainly not downhearted!

After everybody had cleaned up and dried off, we made a visit to Sharon and John's cottage on Forest Lodge. What a great old cottage it is! Sharon saya that the place was not clean, and full of trash such as paint cans under the piano - but by today it was very presentable! We had fun visiting, and our kids all stayed for dinner!

This deer was standing in the woods, watching our approach to the cottage. I rolled down my window and said "Hi Bambi", and she took three steps toward the car! I kept talking to her - "you're a pretty girl", etc., and every time she would step closer - it was bizarre! Finally, I guess she realized that she didn't know us after all, and went bounding off into the trees. I feel like the deer-whisperer!