Friday, May 28, 2010

At Sea

An entire day at sea - a good time to sleep in, finish your book, enjoy conversation over coffee after leisurely dining, and...the casino! Yaaay! I came up with a new system for not losing. Notice I didn't say winning, just not losing. Breaking even is a good thing! Everytime I would hit a bonus (on the slots) I would quit that machine and move to another favorite - because I've noticed that the bonuses don't exactly come one right after another, so you usually lose what you've just won if you stay at the same machine.

These pictures prove that Richard, our photographer, actually was on the cruise!

We really are having a good time - honestly!

The baked Alaska parade for the final dinner in the dining room - very much fun - and yummy, too.

My new system finally pays off! I didn't lose - in fact I came out this much ahead!

Poor Jan had this much left at the end of the evening, Hehehe

Dick's notes:
At sea.
Walk , eat, read, casino, read, walk, eat, read, casino., nap, pack. Nancy is a winner again.