Sunday, March 30, 2014

HomeComing, Caching, and the End of the Basketball Season

Coming home today!  They've had a wonderful Spring Break.

We had a really fun day geocaching - spent the whole afternoon on one cache :)  It was a multi-cache all around Palm City, Stuart and Port Salerno.  Some of the hides were very difficult, but in the end we did them all.  In a coincidence amazing to me, we met up with two caching teams during the day - and we had just met them yesterday!  It's a good feeling to see familiar faces in a new place.

We had a super lunch at the Manatee Island Bar and Grill- right before the final cache.

A lovely, relaxing place with terrific service.  I recommend it!

This is Dick's log of today's multi:

Found it 03/30/2014You found  Wakey wakey eggs & bakeyVisit Log
This caching adventure has been on our to do list for a couple of months. Stage 1 is just across the street from our condo and we drive through the parking lot 3 or 4 times every week. We talked about doing it but it seems that our round to-it was acting up. Since this is our last week in our Florida home, we decided that today was to be the day even before we met the owner at the KrumBens event. We packed up the cachemobile and pulled out about 10:30.
Mrs Bend, the micro maven snagged the first two stages and then things started to go south. (Oh wait, going south came later) A couple of years ago our kids gave dad an iPod mini for Christmas and we have been using it and an iPhone instead of the trusty old Garmin 62s. Unfortunately for us, I have never learned how to load multiple stage coordinates into either one and managed to forget how to plug them into the Garmin. Thus the learning experience began. We slowly but successfully moved along from Palm City to Stuart and turned south. We cleared C through G and moved on to H. Based on the description, I thought I knew what we were looking for. The Garmin put us at the edge of the road but the hint said no. Because I have a solid hatred of palmetto hides, I was sure that was what we were looking for. With no luck, I decided to try to use the mini again and was in the car working on the problem when, who to our wondering eyes should appear but - - gettinlate who we had met yesterday at the KrumBens event. I explained my problem, he told me how it worked on his phone. He set to work on the hunt, I did my best to follow his instructions. Neither one of us could make it work. I decided to give it one last try before calling it a DNF when - TaDa!!! Thar she blew!
We followed him on down to I and this time it was his turn.
Moving on to J we made a wrong turn and lost gettinlate. We found the right parking lot and the Garmin and I were searching the area of the dumpster when Mrs Bend, without leaving the car said "Hey! It's right here." For K, once again I parked in the wrong place and bushwhacked through a swamp to approach GZ on the wrong side of the fence. Made the find on this one and this time, I stayed on the trail back to the road.
Since it was after 1PM and we were both getting hungry, we surveyed the area restaurants and focused in on the Manatee Island Bar and Grill. Their food was excellent, Travis the waiter was special and the Hot Sauce is fantastic, two bottles are packed for our trip north. After a leisurely lunch by the water, we loaded back into the car and resumed our adventure, we found the proper road to approach the final and as we pulled up we saw some more familiar faces. The KrumBens had started yesterday in the rain after their event and had just arrived at the final. This journey has had touches of Old Home Week. After making the find, they insisted that we take the 2nd to find prize because I had stumbled upon it before they did. We took it and the Law Shark T Bug which wishes to visit interesting places. We leave for Traverse City on Thursday and it certainly qualifies as a very interesting place. We will take him to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes which was voted the most beautiful place in the US by the folks on Good Morning America. We left our card, a pin, and our pen. We got back home just after 3, this was a fun filled 4 1/2 hours. We had smileys on our faces long before we got this one on our profile.
Thanks for your effort in placing this series, we think it's special, we greatly enjoyed it. A favorite from us.

HOWEVER - This evening, Michigan basketball lost to Kentucky - so sad.  State lost today also.  We were hoping for three B1G 10 teams in the Final Four.  Wisconsin is the only one left.  It was so sad.  So we had a real roller coaster day.

U-M Has Tourney Run End on Last-Second Shot by Kentucky
MGOBLUENik Stauskas
Nik Stauskas

March 30, 2014
Site: Indianapolis, Ind. (Lucas Oil Stadium)
Event: NCAA Tournament (Elite Eight)
Score: Kentucky 75, #7 Michigan 72
Records: U-M (28-9), UK (28-10)
Next U-M Event: Season Complete
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- The University of Michigan men's basketball team tied the game on a wild scramble with less the 30 seconds to go, only to see Kentucky bury a deep three-pointer with four seconds remaining in a 75-72 final on Sunday evening (March 30) in the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight held inside Lucas Oil Stadium.


The best thing is that our family is back home from Colorado :)