Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Dow, Jana and I

Today the Dow, Jana and I all  dropped 317 points.

 I had an appointment this morning with Dr. Mir, an interventional radiologist at Munson.  He is planning to do my next TACE procedure.  He was personable and friendly, but he said some things that did not seem very hopeful to me.  I like to stay positive and "up", but this meeting was kind of a downer, I can't really say why.

 Depending on a blood test that I took, he will call me tomorrow to set things up...or not.  We get different stories depending on which doctor we talk to.  I have either two tumors or three.  It has metastasized or not.  So I'm just being swept along with the flow of treatment without really knowing what we're dealing with.

Meanwhile, in D.C., there seems to be a question about whether Jana will have surgery tomorrow or not.  Evidently her blood glucose level is the determining factor.  She has dealt with all of the heart testing, the pulmonary testing, the sleep apnea testing for weeks and weeks now along with doctor appointments with all kinds of doctors too numerous to mention.  To have the surgery postponed or canceled because of a momentary high glucose reading is just unbearable.  She has worked so hard and missed so much work to get to this point - it's a real punch in the stomach - a really low blow.

Laurie arranged her whole family's schedules so that she could be with Jana tomorrow and for a few days following the surgery.  It really involved a lot of pre-planning for everyone, and it was worked out perfectly - the airline even cooperated.  It may have been a vain effort.

Dick is feeling very low.  Nothing seems to be working out for us - the condo situation, and the family health situation.  He feels like his world is falling apart.  I validate his feelings!

Even though it's not always easy!