Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How Dick Spent His Snow Day

I was on the computer early this morning when Dick came upstairs and said he wanted to show me something shocking. I followed him downstairs, thinking I was going to see some deer, or a bobcat or even tracks of a bobcat. He opened the garage door and the driveway was blocked by a fallen tree! It really WAS shocking!

He plugged in his small electric chain saw and went to work removing it piece by piece, branch by branch and hauling all of the bio-mass off to the side of the driveway.

It's all cleared away now - at least enough so we could drive the car out if we wanted to. Dick is really good at clearing away downed trees and brush!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

This is Spring?

Dick and I are ready for winter to be over. Over - really over - no more snow and freezing temps. He sent this letter to the kids. It's a good description of what passes for Spring in T.C.

We have had a few signs of spring, all the normal ones; robins, redwing blackbirds, even a butterfly, but we still have 6+ inches of snow on the deck and the pile outside the front door is chest high. This week however, we've seen the first human signs of spring. The biker boys are cruising River Road on their Harleys, based on the noise level back here in the house, their lives are not at risk. ("LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES")

On Wed, after an 8 inch dump and with the temp about 35, in the mall we observed a group of young women (girls?) in flip flops. Sure they were wearing jeans and hoodies, but heck, they wear that in July.

After our walk in the mall, we made our mandatory Tour du Traverse. One has to observe the Bay and one of the States top ten Main Streets. Our overnights have been in the teens and the water mass in the bay is near 32 so each morning, if the wind is calm, there is a skim of ice that traps the floating ice masses. Well, on Wednesday, there was a fellow out in it using his kayak as an ice breaker. Nobody swimming yet but there are usually some folks walking the beach.

Down town there have been boys in shorts and tee shirts but the brew pubs might explain that. Then, yesterday was the topper, Although it was sunny, nary a cloud to be seen, the temperature was still in the 40's. Outside the mall having her smoke was a young thing in flip flops, tee shirt and shorts! Who needs Florida? Spring is here. (Ignore the snow in the forecast!)

Oops! It's falling. Big wet flakes but it's not sticking.

Anyway, the folks making syrup are happy.