Tuesday, July 01, 2008


We left Sioux Falls around 8 a.m. I had a really good night's sleep, but for some reason, I slept like a baby for an hour and a half in the car anyway. I think it was like a kitty sleeping in the sunshine and purring.

Dick heard on NPR that the safest drivers in the Nation are in Sioux Falls, South Dakota! They have fewer accidents than anyone. You couldn't really prove it by our brief stay there - we ran into a lot of construction and confusion.

Crossing into Minnesota was almost like coming home - the scenery started to include a few trees, and the road had a few bends in it. We filled up at Albert Lea, MN for $3.89/gal. Albert Lea comes after Blue Earth, Welcome, and Frost. I want to share with you this bit of civic pride from Blue Earth:
Blue Earth gets its name from the Blue Earth River that surrounds the town. The river was given the Native American name "Mahkota" (meaning Blue Earth) for the blue-black clay found in the river banks.

Blue Earth is proud to be...

* A sesquicentennial community founded in 1856.
* The birthplace of the ice cream sandwich.
* The center of America's longest highway, Interstate 90.
* The home of Minnesota's first stained-glass window.
* The seat of Faribault County and home to the historic 19th century County Courthouse.
* Home of the world's largest statue of the Jolly Green Giant, overlooking some of America's richest farmland.
We especially got a kick out of its being the center of America's loooooooooooooongest highway! We feel qualified to say "Amen brother"! Although being the home of the ice cream sandwich is no small shakes either.

We drove the width of southern Minnesota and then entered Wisconsin, which is REALLY like coming home. Trees, trees, trees all around, and lakes, and winding roads - heaven! We ate lunch at a nice restaurant in LaCrosse, WI. They have a great statue there of Native Americans playing lacrosse. It was very pleasant.

We have had flawless weather for our entire trip - it has been amazing. There were about 7 raindrops on our windshield one day in Montana, and that's it.

Staying tonight in Stoughton, outside of Madison, WI. We're planning to be home tomorrow night.

Happy July!