Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wild Goose Chase

For some reason, Garmin is making it very hard for us to equip our new GPS with maps. After two trips to Cabela's in Dundee, and today's trip to REI in Northville, we still don't have the proper chip with the Michigan maps. I really don't understand why the maps are not readily available. It's very frustrating. We've bought 2 different chips now, and neither one fits our unit. The ironic part is that Dick selected this GPS because he especially liked the maps.

Yesterday we went geocaching in Hillsdale county and found six. It was a fun and interesting day. If you find yourself in Jonesville at lunchtime, just skip the Hilltop Diner. When we got home, Dick bought a cheap grill on sale at KMart, came home and put it together. So now we can grill anytime. We have an outside storage unit - it was empty - so now we have something to put in it!

Sunday Sniders came over to see our apartment. We spent the afternoon swapping stories and catching up on everybody, and eating pizza. Nice time!

Here are Dick's logs from our 6 Labor Day caches:

You found Rollin N Hillsdale (Traditional Cache)
We stopped today while adding Hillsdale County to our list. It is an interesting area. Lots of fathers taking their kids fishing on this beautiful Labor Day. Took 0, left our card and some game notebooks. Thanks for the hunt.

Found it 9/3/2007 You found Stock up (Traditional Cache)
We are on a quest to log caches in each of Michigan's 83 counties. Labor Day it was Hillsdale's turn. The descriptive BYOP threw us. We expected a much smaller container. However, even though there is a pen in the cache, the log book is wet and the cache needs work. We enjoyed our tour of Hillsdale and visiting many of the parks. Thanks for the fun.

Found it 9/3/2007 You found MIgeokids first Hide (Traditional Cache)
We are on a quest to find a cache in each Michigan county, today was Hillsdale. We enjoyed driving and visiting many parks and cemeteries in the area. We found this cache to be in mosquito heaven. Slather up with bug dope. The cache needs work. The contents, including the log book are wet, The pen is inoperative. We placed our sticker and sprinted back to the car hotly pursued by the insect swarm. The cache really does need attention.

Found it 9/3/2007 You found Munro Honeymoon Cache (Traditional Cache)
We are on a quest to find a cache in each of Michigan's counties. In each county we are picking a cache to launch one of our coins that we had created to commemorate our 50th wedding anniversary. This cache is the perfect place to begin the journey of our Hillsdale coin. We spoke with the B&B owner, the boys weren't interested, too hot we think. We think that it's amazing that a B&B in Jonesville could attract visitors from 60 different countries.

Found it 9/3/2007 You found SQ East Hill (Traditional Cache)
We spent the day in Hillsdale county adding to our list of counties in which we have found caches. This is number 70. We found the cache easily but discovered that the log book is full and wet. It needs attention. Thanks for the hunt

Found it 9/3/2007 You found MOSCOW PLAINS SPIRIT QUEST (Traditional Cache)
We spent Labor Day caching in Hillsdale county. This was our final as we drove back to Ann Arbor. What an interesting spot. We wish we had more time to poke around but we have other places to go and things to do.