Monday, March 29, 2010

Today Through a Fog

The Port Clinton Comfort Inn gets a low grade for continental breakfast. It was the pits.

Ohio is very flat and marshy along highway 2. I might add not very interesting. Once we got away from the lakeshore and gained some elevation, guess what? Fog. Not just a little bit of fog. Dense, low visiblility squintable kind of fog.

We actually drove for quite a while before we stopped for breakfast. We found a Perkins close to the end of the Ohio Turnpike - it was outstandking - and so we had breakfast for lunch.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is mostly under construction! The finished parts are great - much nicer than the Ohio Turnpike. Pennsylvania is working on the bridges and road surfaces. They need to do something about the fog! Sharing the turnpike with tons of 18 wheelers in the mountains is tense enough - add dense fog, and it's white knuckle time. Occasionally the fog would lift and then around the next curve, there it would be again. Holy Hannah, enough already!

We pulled in at Bedford - founded in 1750! Its downtown really looks colonial. There are lovely homes here, and the town reflects a lot of civic pride - it was fun driving the rain. We found a cache at the Coffee Pot - yes we did! It was a fun, clever hide.

It's interesting to us to be in the mountains. Our motel room has a front door and a back door. The front door is at ground level, and the back door opens onto the second floor balcony! Quite a slope we have here!