Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Breakfast With Lloyd

Gee, we had a good time. Lloyd is the same guy that he was 30 years ago. It was very comfortable and fun and interesting. I especially enjoyed hearing him tell about his trip to China. His stories about past football players were really enjoyable, too. We didn't spend anytime reminiscing about the old days in Belleville, but we did catch up on the kids and grandkids. He has 5 grandchildren - 2 boys and 3 girls.

We also discussed the current money crunch - but I'm afraid we didn't solve any of the nation's problems.

It was interesting to hear him talk about the difference in coaching today versus back in Bo's time. Back then there was no sports talk radio, no internet, no ESPN - so even though coaching is always stressful, it was less stressful at that time. He said that Bo often said that he wouldn't be able to coach these days - and Lloyd told him, "You'd be able to coach, but it wouldn't be as much fun!"

We had breakfast at The Broken Egg - it's a cute little shop on Main Street decorated with every possible University of Michigan item that was ever made - no kidding. He says that at certain times of the day you can't get into it because it's full of students.

Dick thinks that Lloyd is glad to be out of the pressure cooker, and that he likes his new job - mostly public relations - and that Lloyd has a good working relationship with Mrs. Coleman, President of the University.

Afterwards we went geocaching and found 12 caches - That's a lot for us. Well, OK, most of them were the easy parking lot type of caches, but still. It was the perfect day to do it, and our excursion took us very near our old stomping ground. We ate lunch at La Fuente Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Ypsi Township. It was great - we would go back there.