Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quail Meadow Office Sofa

Dylan, Laurie and Chip are over at our Quail Meadow condo .  They're putting together our office sleep sofa.  The guys are carefully reading the insructions - yay!

This will be Auntie Jana's bed when she comes to Florida in December.  We'll be ready!  Dylan is making it look super comfortable :)

Here's the couch version of the sofa.  Dylan is making this look super comfortable too  :)
I think it looks terrific!

We bought this sofa at IKEA in West Palm Beach.  Don't ever go there - that store was a zoo.  But we're very happy with the results.

Thank you Gillespies one and all.

Found it 08/11/2013 You found Townline Road Escape to Nature Visit Log
We made a run to recycling and then around the corner to find a cache on 8/11. Haven't been back here since doing Whittard's Al Quacka series. Made the find and signed the log, left 0, took 0 except the two Lunchable packs some one had strewn along the path. Sure hope it wasn't a fellow cacher. Can't get into the mindset of why someone would do that. If you can carry it to someplace, you ought to be able to carry it back. Oh well!
At any rate, we earned our souvenir for Day 11 of the 31 day challenge. Thank you for placing and maintaining caches for us to enjoy.