Monday, October 20, 2014

Laurie and Chip

Thank you ever so muchly !!
These two have really been working hard in our behalf!

 We wanted new johns in two bathrooms, so they went shopping, hired a plumber, waited around for the plumber to come, and so now we have two new johns!

 Laurie didn't like the blinds in the office, so she went shopping, and now there are new blinds in there!  She also found an office file cabinet - we really did need that!

 Chip didn't like the trash set up in the kitchen, so now we have an under the sink pull out trash bin!  How great is that?

The washer and dryer were sitting on a cement slab, which didn't sit well with Laurie.  Now we have indoor-outdoor tiles in that area, and the tiles are non-skid!  Checking out the installation, Chip discovered a small leak in the hot water line.  So the plumber was called back out, and now we are back in the laundry business!  Wow.

 And that's not even counting the time last summer when Laurie went over to our house and discovered that the AC was not working.  That can be really devastating in humid Florida!  So she called the repairman, and of course had to wait for him to show up and fix the AC.  We feel so super lucky to have these two looking out for us :)