Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Our Stuart Home

The Harborage condo that we have rented is very enjoyable, convenient, and scenic. Our building is the yellow one. We're on the third floor, which is really the second floor because floor number one is the parking garage.
We are very close to three different bridges - the Roosevelt Bridge across the St. Lucie River, and two drawbridges across the South Fork. One of the drawbridges is for cars and fishermen, and the other is (gulp) a railroad drawbridge. The tracks for said railroad run right in front of our building, and the track is the main line from the north to Miami. Ye gods. In the daytime it's not a problem because we're often out and about and away from home - but overnight it can be a problem. The trains are long, long freight trains, and the horns are very, very loud. At night it sounds like we have a train going through the living room. At various times we have heard five separate trains go by at night. On a good night, we can sleep through most of them - but we usually hear at least two overnight. I usually hear the two that go by around three and three thirty a.m. It's not a deal breaker, but it's something that was not mentioned when we paid the rent. In this picture you can see the railroad bridge in front of the car bridge.
Dick was walking on the Roosevelt bridge - called me and told me to wave from the balcony. How much fun is that? Love that early morning Florida sunshine in December!
Our building has its own small pool - we haven't seen anybody in it yet, and I don't know whether it's heated or not, but it's there and it looks nice - it's well-maintained.
Our lovely Harborage building.
This great splashy sailfish fountain is out in front of our place. Stuart calls itself "The Sailfish Capital of the World". So we have gone from the Cherry Capital to the Sailfish Capital.
Today we had a chance to go see the Ocean - Oooooh - it's so beautiful and powerful! A short walk over the dune and you're there.
Florida dunes are patrolled by flocks of pelicans!
On our beach expedition we found three caches: Wild Animals, House of Refuge, and one called A Cache With No Name is Still a Good Time to Have. Don't you just love that title?