Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Day for Caching

First we went to the senior citizen work-out at the mall. It hasn't changed much since last year. Dick got the oil changed on the Rav, and then it was time for caching. We had a fun day in Ann Arbor, followed by an event at the Grand Traverse Pie Company! We had pie AND cake - no kidding!

09/27/2010 You found I HOP Around the Car Wash Visit Log
Well I did it again. Pulled into the parking lot and knew right where it was. Don't need no stinkin' GPS! Pulled up, she popped out for the quick grab and . . . Ooops! OK I'll check the silly GPS, Oh its a couple of hundred feet that way. This time I'll make the grab. Wow! what a collection of wasps. All right! All right I'll take the GPS with me. (Aren't we supposed to get smarter with age?) Nice hide, nice camo, as previously noted the log should be replaced soon. Thanks for the fun.

09/27/2010 You found Bottoms Up Visit Log
What a neat park! The residents are indeed fortunate to have this facility right in an urban setting. We had the place to ourselves today. Nice walk, quick find. TFTC

09/27/2010 You couldn't find Dirt Don't Hurt #8 Visit Log
We gave this guy our best shot but it just wasn't good enough. Some days you bite the bear, today the bear chomped us a good one.

09/27/2010 You found Great Sauk Trail Council - Action! Boy Scouts Visit Log
Since the BSA are our hosts for game day parking across from the stadium, we had to go for this one. We weren't sure if the folks pulling in were muggles so we smuggled the cache back to the car, signed the log, left a hand sanitizer and stealthily returned the camoed can to its spot. TFTC

09/27/2010 You found A2 Park N Ride Visit Log
I think we found one here a few years ago. Found the container out in the open so we tried to cover it better. Took nothing, left a matchbox car. TFTC

09/27/2010 You found Guarding 94 Visit Log
This guy popped up when we downloaded our new PQ. We had to grab it or Nuvi would drive us nuts. TFTS

Attended 09/27/2010 You attended [Event Cache] Perplexing Puzzles and Pastries Party Part Four Visit Log
It's fun to have so many chances to meet and talk to our fellow cachers. It's a chance to trade hugs with folks we've met and talked and cached with in the past and to shake hands with and introduce ourselves to cachers whose names we've only read in log books. We didn't work on puzzles but we sure put a dent in the cake and cherry pie.